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Customized Dessert Table

"Stylish designed table  encorporated with Delicious Desserts to compliment the overall theme of the event."






Dessert Table Services Include:


  • Conceptualization of event theme, color scheme development and decor establishment.

  • Dessert and Candy (if requested) selection.

  • Sourcing of all design details and displays.

  • Table decor rental including cake/cookie stands, apothecary jars, vases, table linens and more!

  • Table set up and break down.

  • Local travel.

  • Upon Request: 

    • Customized Backdrops

    • Ceiling Treatments

    • Banners


* Unless requested, TSMC does not supply the table.  If needed, a rental fee for the use of a table will be incurred.  Please note, a 4ft - 6ft table (in length) is strongly preferred to produce the optimum design and flow for your dessert table.

Dessert Selections


  • Brownies

  • Candy Jars (small, medium and/or large)

  • Cookies*

  • Chocolate covered marshmallows

  • Chocolate covered oreos

  • Chocolate covered strawberries

  • Cupcakes (mini and standard size)

  • Cupcakes-in-a-jar*

  • Fruit Cups

  • Fruit Kabobs

  • Mini cupcake shooters*

  • Mini donuts and donut holes

  • Mini Cheesecakes (Apple, Cherry & Strawberry)

  • Lemon bars

  • Lolli-cookies (chocolate chip and sugar only)

  • Lolli-pies^

  • Pecan Pie Tarts

  • Popcorn balls

  • Rice Krispy Treat bites (can be decorated)

  • Rum balls

  • Truffles

  • Whoopie Pies (Chocolate, Chocolate Chip & Red Velvet)

  • Personalized, individualized and packaged 'take-home' treat favors; suggested items - custom designed cookies


* - For cupcakes, cupcakes-in-a-jar and cookie flavors, please see menu

^ - For mini parfait shooters and lolli-pie flavors, please inquire within.

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Additional Information


1. Each event is completely customized.


2. TSMC is pleased to work within your budget; however a 'full' dessert table (minimum of three dessert selections and 40 guests), customized backdrop and banner included along with personalized labeling starts at approximately $500.00.


3. We charge 'per person' for our dessert tables and the final cost is determined from selected desserts, table decor (encompassing custom creations, supplies and equipment), number of guests and labor fee.


4. We also offer dessert catering in which you may order desserts only (without the design).


5. Tastings are available for large events only - 75+ guests.


6. We require a minimum order of 1 dozen for all dessert selections with the exception of cupcakes-in-a-jar, which can be ordered by the 1/2 dozen. There is a minimum selection of 3 desserts and a maximum selection of 7 desserts.



QUICK TIP: (Suggestion purposes only)

The amount of desserts needed for your event will depend on the number of guests, which in turn, will determine how many desserts should be allotted per guest. For instance, for an initimate event with 20 guests and 3 dessert selections, to ensure each guest gets at least 2 out of the 3 selected desserts, you would order 14 of each dessert selection for a total of 42 desserts.

What's Next?!

The process will begin with an 'initial consultation' where we will discuss the type of event, logistics, number of guests, venue, theme development, dessert selection and budget.  

Within a week, I will price out the cost for your dessert table.  

If time permits, please fill out the client questionnaire below, which will provide me with enough key information to get started prior to discussing your table.  


Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy listed below.

Terms & Conditions

1. Requested date is subject to availability. 


2. All dessert tables require a 50% deposit due at the time of booking your event (not the consultation).  The balance is due one week prior to your event.


3. We require at least a six week notice on any dessert table booking.


4. All equipment and supplies are being rented by you, the client, and expected to be returned in its original condition.  

5.  Taxes and gratuities are not included in your fee.

Refund Policy

1. That's So Morie Cupcakes reserves the right to cancel and reschedule an event due to inclement weather, unforeseen illness, or any other circumstances beyond our control.  While these occurrences are very rare and have yet to occur, we still have to plan for them.  Should we have to reschedule, a $50 inconvenience fee will be issued. 


2. Should you have to cancel up to 14 days prior to your event date, your depost will be refunded to you in full.  If you have to cancel less than 14 days before your scheduled event, your deposit will not be refunded.







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