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Make it Fun and Personalize your next Event with our

Custom Designed Sugar Cookies!

 Perfect for a Tasty Party Favor 

Effective January 1, 2022

The following changes will be implemented:

  • The minimum order amount has increased to two dozen.  After the initial minimum order amount has been met, any amount may be ordered.  Custom cookies are still priced "per cookie".

  • A slight increase in the cost (still based on the design type, i.e. basic, detailed and intricate).

Cookies & ...

... Stuff!

Cookie Size Chart

2.75 - 3.25" - Small

4.0 - 4.75" - Large

- Cookies are priced 'Per Cookie'.


- Minimum order of 2 dozen.


- All cookies are individually wrapped and heat sealed in a cellophane bag.


- Our pricing chart is a guideline and is to be used for your reference only.


- Please contact me for an accurate quote.


- At the minimum, please place your order at least 2 weeks in advance.




- Flavorful vanilla & almond sugar cookie w/royal icing.


- Velvety soft, but yet stable cookie.


- Each cookie is customized with color and details to match the theme.


- Lemon and chocolate are other flavor options.

3.0 - 3.75" - Medium




























Design  Descriptions

Simple Design

1 to 2 Colors, Minimal Piping, Simple Text, No Logos


Detailed Design

2 to 4 Colors, Detailed Text, Multiple Words or Phrases,

Piped Details, No Logos, Single Stencil


Intricate Design

4 or more Colors, Double Stencil, Many Piped Details,

Elaborate Text or Logo, May be Hand Painted

Cookies by Design 





To view our Custom Designed Cookie gallery, click here

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