Ordinary Flavors



Extraordinary Flavors



The Usual
Vanilla cupcake w/whipped vanilla buttercream, chocolate or cream cheese frosting
The Usual Too
Chocolate cupcake w/whipped vanilla buttercream, chocolate or cream cheese frosting
Love on Top
Red velvet cupcake w/cream cheese frosting
14-Carrot Good
Carrot cupcake filled w/walnuts w/brown sugar cream cheese frosting
Brighten Your Day
Lemon cupcake w/whipped lemon buttercream
*Simply Strawberry
Fresh strawberry cupcake w/strawberry cream cheese frosting
Sweet Peach
Peach cupcake w/brown sugar cream cheese frosting dusted w/cinnamon
Lemon cupcake w/whipped lime buttercream; Optional: filled w/lemon curd
B&B's Caramel
Caramel cupcake w/cinnamon-vanilla buttercream drizzled w/salted caramel
Vanilla rainbow sprinkled cupcake w/vanilla buttercream topped w/rainbow sprinkles
**Sweet Potato Fire
Sweet potato cupcake w/brown sugar cream cheese frosting topped w/a toasted jumbo marshmallow
Like the cookie! Cinnamon and nutmeg spiced cupcake w/brown sugar and cinnamon buttercream frosting


Mojito Special
Rum, lime zest & mint cupcake infused w/rum glaze w/mint and lime buttercream 
Pina Colada
Rum & pineapple cupcake w/coconut rum cream cheese frosting
Sweet Red Sangria
Berry sangria cupcake w/strawberry and sangria buttercream (both w/my special sangria syrup)
Strawberry Cheesecake
Strawberry cupcake infused w/cheesecake w/a vanilla wafer crust on the bottom topped w/strawberry buttercream
Caramel-Butter Pecan-
Chocolate Deluxe
Chocolate cupcake filled w/caramel and topped w/butter pecan frosting and
salted caramel drizzle
Almond cupcake w/cream cheese frosting dipped in toasted shredded coconut
Peanut Butter & Jelky
Vanilla buttermilk cupcake filled w/strawberry preserves topped w/
light peanut butter buttercream
Chocolate Coconut Joy
German chocolate cupcake - chocolate cupcake topped w/a rich pecan and coconut mixture and chocolate buttercream
Apple of My Eye
Cinnamon and brown sugar apple filled cupcake topped w/caramel infused buttercream w/salted caramel drizzle
Cookies n' Cream
Devils food cupcake w/cookies & cream buttercream topped w/Oreo crumbs
Shameful Red Velvet
Red velvet cupcake infused w/cheesecake w/a vanilla wafer crust on the bottom topped w/cream cheese frosting
Pineapple Upside Down
Butter cupcake w/a brown sugar & pineapple syrup on the bottom topped w/pineapple cream cheese frosting and a cherry on top
*Sweet Potato Cheesecake
Cheesecake infused Sweet Potato cupcake w/nilla wafer crust topped w/a dollop of brown sugar cream cheese frosting and sprinkled w/cinnamon pecan streusel
The Usual (Vegan) - $35/doz
Vegan Vanilla cupcake w/whipped vegan vanilla buttercream, chocolate or
cream cheese frosting 
The Usual Too (Vegan) - $35/doz
Vegan Chocolate cupcake w/whipped vegan vanilla buttercream, chocolate or
cream cheese frosting 
Apple Pie
Brown sugar & spiced cooked glazed gala apples sandwiched between a soft cinnamon sugar cookie
Chocolate Chip -
w/ or w/o walnuts
"Chewy on the inside; slightly crisp around the edges" chocolate chip cookie - made w/
semi-sweet & milk chocolate morsels
Choc-Choc Chip
(Double Chocolate)
Same as above- just add the cocoa
Cranberry Oat w/White Choc Chips
Granola Bar in a cookie!
German Chocolate Chip
Cocoa thumbprint cookie w/a
rich coconut-pecan filling
Glazed Almond
Sugar log cookie dipped in almond glaze and topped w/sliced almonds
*Glazed Lemon
Sugar log cookie dipped in lemon glaze w/fresh lemon zest & juice
Iced Oatmeal - w/ or w/o raisins
Old fashioned oatmeal cookie drizzled w/maple & vanilla frosting
Peanut Butter
Soft, light and airy peanut butter cookie w/none other than the traditionally famous fork indentations...a favorite!
Tried & true cinnamon and brown sugar cookie all rolled up in one
Raspberry & Almond Thumbprints
Butter thumbprint cookie filled w/raspberry preserves and topped w/almond glaze and almonds
Strawberry & Lemon Thumbprints
Butter thumbprint cookie filled w/homemade strawberry preserves and topped w/lemon zest glaze
Old Fashioned Sugar w/buttercream frosting
Light & airy sugar cookie topped w/vanilla buttercream frosting (choice of color)
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